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    U2 - The Vinyl Collection (1980-2014)

    12.09.2017, 23:28

    Исполнитель: U2
    Название диска: The Vinyl Collection
    Страна: Dublin, Ireland
    Жанр: Rock, Alt Rock, Post-Punk, Pop Rock
    Год выпуска: 1980-2014
    Количество треков: 165
    Формат: MP3
    Качество: 320 kbps
    Время звучания: 12:42:22
    Размер файла: 1,82 ГБ


    1980 - Boy (LP,UK,ILPS 9646,Ex)
    01. I Will Follow
    02. Twilight
    03. An Cat Dubh
    04. Into The Heart
    05. Out Of Control
    06. Stories Of Boys
    07. The Ocean
    08. A Day Without Me
    09. Another Time Another Place
    10. The Electric Co
    11. Shadows And Tall Trees
    12. Saturday Night (Hidden Track On Certain Releases)

    1981 - October (LP,Sweden,ILPS 9680,Ex)
    01. Gloria
    02. I Fall Down
    03. I Thew A Brick Though A Window
    04. Rejoice
    05. Fire
    06. Tomorrow
    07. October
    08. With A Shout (Jerusalem)
    09. Stranger In A Strange Land
    10. Scarlet
    11. Is That All?

    1983/2008 - Live "Under A Blood Red Sky" (LP,EU,1764285,Remastered,Mint)
    01. Gloria
    02. 11 O'clock Tick Tock
    03. I Will Follow
    04. Party Girl
    05. Sunday Bloody Sunday
    06. The Electric Co
    07. New Yer's Day
    08. "40"

    1983 - War (LP,Scandinavia,ILPS 9733,Ex)
    01. Sunday Bloody Sunday
    02. Seconds
    03. New Year's Day
    04. Like A Song...
    05. Drowning Man
    06. The Refugee
    07. Two Hearts Beat As One
    08. Red Light
    09. Surrender
    10. ''40''

    1984/2009 - The Unforgettable Fire (LP,EU,1792416,Remastered,Mint)
    01. A Sort Of Homecoming
    02. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
    03. Wire
    04. The Unforgettable Fire
    05. Promenade
    06. 4th Of July
    07. Bad
    08. Indian Summer Sky
    09. Elvis Presley And America
    10. MLK

    1984 - The Unforgettable Fire (LP,Canada,ISL-1011,Ex)
    01. A Sort Of Homecoming
    02. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
    03. Wire
    04. The Unforgettable Fire
    05. Promenade
    06. 4th Of July
    07. Bad
    08. Indian Summer Sky
    09. Elvis Presley And America
    10. MLK

    1985 - Wide Awake In America (12'',US,90279-1-A,Ex)
    01. Bad (Live)
    02. A Sort Of Homecoming (Live)
    03. Three Sunrises
    04. Love Comes Tumbling

    1987 - The Joshua Tree (LP,Canada,ISX 1127,VG+)
    01. Where The Streets Have No Name
    02. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
    03. With Or Without You
    04. Bullet The Blue Sky
    05. Running To Stand Still
    06. Red Hill Mining Town
    07. In God's Country
    08. Trip Through Your Wires
    09. One Tree Hill
    10. Exit
    11. Mothers Of The Disappeared

    1987 - With Or Without You (7'',UK,IS 319,VG+)
    A1. With Or Without You
    B1. Luminous Times (Hold On To Love)
    B2. Walk To The Water

    1988 - Desire (7'',UK,IS 400,Ex)
    A1. Desire
    B1. Hallelujah Here She Comes

    1988 - Rattle And Hum (2LP,Scandinavia,U 27,VG+)
    A1. U2 Helter Skelter (Live)
    A2. U2 Van Diemen's Land
    A3. U2 Desire
    A4. U2 Hawkmoon 269
    B1. U2 All Along The Watchtower (Live)
    B2. U2 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Live)
    B3. Sterling Magee (Freedom For My People)
    B4. U2 Silver And Gold (Live)
    B5. U2 Pride (In The Name Of Love) (Live)
    C1. U2 Angel Of Harlem
    C2. U2 Love Rescue Me
    C3. U2 When Love Comes To Town
    C4. U2 Heartland
    D1. U2 God Part II
    D2. Jimi Hendrix The Star Spangled Banner
    D3. U2 Bullet The Blue Sky (Live)
    D4. U2 All I Want Is You

    1991 - The Fly (12'',Germany,614 728,Ex)
    A1. The Fly
    A2. Alex Descends Into Hell For A Bottle Of Milk / Korova
    B1. The Lounge Fly Mix

    1991 - Achtung Baby (LP,Germany,212 110,VG)
    A1. Zoo Station
    A2. Even Better Than The Real Thing
    A3. One
    A4. Until The End Of The World
    A5. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
    A6. So Cruel
    B1. The Fly
    B2. Mysterious Ways
    B3. Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World
    B4. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
    B5. Acrobat
    B6. Love Is Blindness

    1993/2010 - Zooropa (LP,UK,U29 518047-1,Unofficial Release,Blue Vinyl,Ex)
    01. Zooropa
    02. Babyface
    03. Numb
    04. Lemon
    05. Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
    06. Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car
    07. Some Days Are Better Than Others
    08. The First Time
    09. Dirty Day
    10. The Wanderer

    2000 - All That You Can't Leave Behind (LP,EU,U212,524 653-1,Ex)
    01. Beautiful Day
    02. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
    03. Elevation
    04. Walk On
    05. Kite
    06. In A Little While
    07. Wild Honey
    08. Peace On Earth
    09. When I Look At The World
    10. New York
    11. Grace

    2004 - How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb (LP,EU,U2 14,986 817-2,NM)
    01. Vertigo
    02. Miracle Drug
    03. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
    04. Love And Peace Or Else
    05. City Of Blinding Lights
    06. All Because Of You
    07. A Man And A Woman
    08. Crumbs From Your Table
    09. One Step Closer
    10. Original Of The Species
    11. Yahweh

    2006 - U218 Singles (2LP,EU,0602517135505,Mint)
    A1. Beautiful Day
    A2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
    A3. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
    A4. With Or Without You
    B1. Vertigo
    B2. New Year's Day
    B3. Mysterious Ways
    B4. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
    C1. Where The Streets Have No Name
    C2. Sweetest Thing
    C3. Sunday Bloody Sunday
    C4. One
    C5. Desire
    D1. Walk On
    D2. Elevation
    D3. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
    D4. U2 And Green Day - The Saints Are Coming
    D5. Window In The Skies

    2014 - Songs Of Innocence (2LP,EU,4704888,Mint)
    A1. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
    A2. Every Breaking Wave
    A3. California (There Is No End To Love)
    A4. Song For Someone
    B1. Iris (Hold Me Close)
    B2. Volcano
    B3. Raised By Wolves
    B4. Cedarwood Road
    C1. Sleep Like A Baby Tonight
    C2. This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now
    C3. The Troubles
    D1. The Crystal Ballroom 12" Mix

    Рок-группа из Дублина, Ирландия. U2 была сформирована в 1976 году, одна из самых популярных, успешных и влиятельных групп в мире за всю историю. Альбомы группы разошлись тиражом более чем 180 миллионов копий. По состоянию на 2016 год, в их активе двадцать две премии «Грэмми» - больше, чем у любой другой группы в мире.

    Скачать бесплатно без регистрации, download free U2 - The Vinyl Collection (1980-2014)
    Категория: Rock | Добавил: pmojka | Теги: MP3, The, alt, 1980-2014, Post-Punk, Collection, Vinyl, Rock, Pop
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