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    Walter Gorra - In Due Time (2018)

    04.08.2018, 13:56

    Исполнитель: Walter Gorra
    Название диска: In Due Time
    Лейбл: ℗ 2018 Walter Gorra - 888295805278
    Страна: United States
    Жанр: Contemporary Jazz
    Год выпуска: 2018
    Количество треков: 8
    Формат: MP3
    Качество: 320 kbps
    Время звучания: 00:55:15
    Размер файла: 129,38 МБ


    01 - Adentro Y Afuera (00:06:32)
    02 - 'till Next Time (00:05:37)
    03 - Jazongo (00:07:33)
    04 - Just Thinking (00:05:40)
    05 - Nosotros (00:07:24)
    06 - Essence (00:06:53)
    07 - The Things I've Been Given (00:07:22)
    08 - Rumba Pa' Senen (00:08:12)

    Good things take time. In Due Time is a case in point. The album was recorded while I finished a master’s degree in structural engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, and completed while I began a second graduate degree in jazz composition at William Paterson University in New Jersey. Between moving across the country and beginning to establish myself as a young professional, releasing the album took time - over two years’ worth. And yet, here is the finished product, and I am very happy to finally share this deeply personal music.

    Special thanks are due to my band - my musical brothers – Greg Harris, Gonzalo Teppa, Manny Lopez and Josh Quinlan for giving my music so much life, and for their encouragement and selflessness. Aside from their incredible musicianship, they are some of my best friends, and I am honored to have them on this project. Heartfelt gratitude is also expressed to the Pathways to Jazz organization for their belief in my album and their contribution to its completion. In addition, Arturo Gomez and the fine individuals at KUVO 89.3 FM have supported me and my music since the beginning, and I can’t thank them enough for their support. Mighty Fine Productions, Michael Richmond Photography and Zapp Designs all deserve the highest praise for their work on this project. And finally, this album could not have been possible without the support of my family, and especially that of my mother. I have been blessed with an incredible family and am so grateful for their hand in my musical journey.

    In Due Time is a tribute to the wonderful individuals that have contributed so much to my development as a pianist, composer, and person. Coming up in the state of Colorado, I was fortunate to have been surrounded by so many supportive musicians and non-musicians alike. Friends and family - this work is for you. The album features seven of my original compositions and one Cuban bolero. I hope that you enjoy the music, and that it brings you a small piece of joy to your life.

    From Arturo Gomez, KUVO Jazz, Denver
    I will never forget my oldest maternal uncle telling me when I was around 13 years of age that when I married, I should plant a fruit tree of my choosing in my backyard shortly after the honeymoon so that I could watch it grow and share the fruit with my children when it blossomed. I never got to plant a tree because my wife, daughter and I lived in an apartment. However, I have seen a different kind of bountiful harvest. In 2008, a colleague and I drove across the Rocky Mountains’ I-70 from the Mile High City of Denver to Aspen where we set up the KUVO Jazz booth outside the Benedict Music Tent where the Monty Alexander Harlem-Kingston Express was to perform. While meeting and greeting attendees and awaiting the start of the show, we were treated to live jazz by a local student band playing outside to warm up the audience. Both my booth mate and I were pleased with what we were hearing. Just before Monty was to begin playing, a man walked up to the booth to introduce himself saying that he too was Cuban and the father of 2 of the students playing in the band - saxophonist Pablo and pianist Walter Gorra.
    We immediately bonded and went on to discover that we had both lived in Pasadena, California for many years and frequented many of the same places albeit several years apart. Besides forging a forever friendship with 3 generations of los Gorra of Glenwood Springs, I was privy to be a part of the development of Walter Gorra as a pianist and composer. After graduating high school, Walter was awarded a Boettcher scholarship and attended CU-Boulder for both music and civil engineering. His piano playing, and compositional skills continued to mature to the point that in 2015 he organized a benefit concert for Cuba’s oppressed dissident group “Damas de Blanco” (Ladies in White) with, NEA Jazz Master, Paquito D’Rivera. After playing live at KUVO Jazz’s Phyllis A. Greer Performance Studio, conducting a performance clinic at CU-Boulder, and performing a climactic concert at the Mount Vernon Country Club, Paquito returned home promising to remain in contact and encouraged Walter to pursue his career in the New York area. Following this advice, Walter enrolled at William Patterson University of Patterson, NJ where he is currently completing his Master’s degree in Jazz Composition and Arranging.

    For his debut recording, In Due Time, Walter teamed up with his long-time band mates; Gonzalo Teppa-bass, Manuel López-drums/percussion, and Greg Tanner-Harris on vibraphone. Moreover, Josh Quinlan is the guest tenor saxophonist on four tracks. From the first notes of this session to the final coda, the Walter Gorra Quartet will capture your ears and attention with their brilliant playing, imaginative compositions and superb swinging! The experience these gentlemen have playing together produces some magical music moments. You can hear how they anticipate each other - they make seamless segues in tempos; from playing in unison to taking their solos. Gonzalo is a world class bassist; his bowing to open the immortal Cuban classic Nosotros is spellbinding. He also throws down some amazing licks whenever he solos. Señor López is the ideal drummer and percussionist for this ensemble - he knows exactly which accents are needed for each tune. Check out his solo at the end of Jazongo. Greg never ceases to impress me - his work on vibes never clashes with Walter’s piano, and that’s not easy to accomplish. His majestic playing adds extra shine to every track. Tenor man Josh was one of Walter’s instructors at CU-Boulder and is a first call saxophonist. The addition of his horn on four of Gorra’s compositions is a welcome treat. And Walter is an inspired writer whose music is influenced by his life experiences. The final track-Rumba Pa’ Senén, the most Cuban entry, is a dedication to Walter’s beloved paternal grandfather who sadly passed away recently. That song alongside Adentro y Afuera (Inside & Outside), Jazongo and Nosotros are my four favorites of the eight outstanding tracks. So, although I never got to see a fruit tree planted by me give its fruit, I have been fortuitous to see Walter Gorra and his quartet blossom into one of the best up-and-coming ensembles in the world of jazz, and I look forward to enjoying their abundant musical fruit for years to come!

    Arturo Gómez
    KUVO Jazz, Denver

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